12 March 2015

Rosie + Mike 1, Possum 0

3:45 AM: Tracy wakes me up to tell me that our Belgian Malinois Rosie has cornered a possum in the backyard. Rosie believes it is her mission in life to protect the perimeter of our property at all costs. She is in her zone. This is what she was born for. The possum is sitting on top of the fence post (six foot high stockade fence) and won't budge. Rosie, who has an NBA-worthy vertical leap, is nipping at the possum's face. Possum still won't budge. Finally, I took a broom and gave Mr. Possum a good shot to knock him off the fence. Problem solved, for now. Rosie took another 20 minutes to calm down and come back inside.

4:15 AM: My alarm goes off. Time to get ready for work...Ugh.
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