26 May 2015

Who will think of the children? Drones and bounce houses edition

On Monday during a Memorial Day parade in Marblehead, Massachusetts, a small drone (likely a DJI Phantom) crashed into two spectators. There were only minor injuries and the injured refused treatment. Here's an image from before the crash:

According to the article, "No charges will be filed. Police Chief Bob Picariello told WBZ no permits are required to fly the drone." This is the right call from the police department's perspective. However, the pilot could be subject to a fine from the FAA for flying in a dangerous manner. It will be interesting to see how this turns out.

On the same day, a waterspout came ashore on a Fort Lauderdale Beach and lifted a bounce house off the beach. The video is pretty remarkable. The bounce house was lifted "at least 50 feet into the air." Four children were hurt.

These incidents were unrelated, but the drone crash will likely be used as further evidence to regulate hobby flying of drones. I would be surprised, however, if we see a strong push to further regulate bounce houses. Just a thought.

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