18 January 2016

Hacked casino sues Trustwave over security breach cleanup

A Las Vegas-based casino, Affinity Gaming, hired Chicago-based security firm Trustwave, to investigate a data breach. According to Affinity, Trustwave claimed to have identified the source of the data breach and contained it. Instead, however, further investigation by Mandiant found that Trustwave failed to contain the breach, which continued to occur even while Trustwave was investigating. According to the ZDNet article linked below, Trustwave denied the claims and plans to defend itself in court.

The complaint filed in federal court is available here.

Affinity's claims are:

1) Fraudulent Enducement
2) Fraud
3) Constructive/Equitable Fraud
4) Violations of NRS Chapter 598; Fraud Upon Purchasers; Misrepresentation
5) Gross Negligence
6) Negligent Misrepresentation
7) Breach of Contract
8) Declaratory Judgment under 28 U.S.C. §§ 2201-2202

Here are links to articles from arstechnica, ZDNet, and TheHill.
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