09 September 2006

Penn State vs. Notre Dame

I had hoped that I would have Internet set up in my new office by now, but alas I am still posting to my blog via email from MWR. The frustrating part is that there is a switch in my new building--all I need is the cat5 to run to my computer. I'm still hoping to find some today so that I can get everything up and running for today's game.

Since I haven't had the ability to preview the game as much as I'd like, and given my time limitations working from MWR, I'll keep this entry short.

This is a huge game for both teams. Going in most punditry will have Notre Dame winning, but I think this game is a lot closer than that. Notre Dame's defense played well last week, but that's been the exception rather than the rule. Notre Dame has some great wide receivers, but Penn State does, too. Brady Quinn played a so-so game, and we should expect a better game from him this week, but we can also expect the same from Morelli. His 3 TD performance last week in the driving rain was a nice show of what's to come from him. Finally, special teams: Kevin Kelly is a solid kicker while Notre Dame's missed two FGs last week.

Both teams have offensives that can put up numbers. This game will come down to which defense can find the bigger stops. With the best linebacking corps in the country, combined with the aggressive defense I saw Penn State play last week, I think the Penn State defense comes out on top this week. I also think we could see a big play from Penn State's return teams. Defense and special teams will make the difference. My prediction: Penn State 24, Notre Dame 21.

Cross your fingers that I can get Internet working by game time!

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