01 September 2006

Today's rant is fresh from the WTF file

Just days after the deadly airplane crash in Lexington, Kentucky, a family of one the victims is already suing the airline:
The lawsuit accuses Comair of negligence and says passenger Rebecca L. Adams suffered "conscious pain and suffering" when the plane went down Sunday morning and quickly burned with 49 people still inside.
The crash "could not have happened if those having control of the instrumentality had not been negligent," attorney Bobby Wombles of Lexington said in the lawsuit.
Earlier this week, a Texas law firm ran a full-page ad in the Lexington Herald-Leader promising to get maximum damages for the families of victims who hired it.
Do these families and their lawyers have no time to grieve before they start filing lawsuits? Have they already mourned enough where money is now the first thing they think of when they wake up? This is a sad state of affairs. The funerals for the victims have just begun, and lawsuits are already flying.

Let the NTSB conduct its investigation. If they find the airline and/or pilots were neglient, then go from there. But filing lawsuits before anything concrete has been determined only cheapens the lives of the victims by replacing them with a dollar value and makes the families appear greedy.
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