18 September 2006

Weather update

The weather continues to get milder as we go further into September. Daytime temperatures barely reach 100 degrees (which probably seems hot, but given what it's been like over the summer, its downright comfortable). During the night the temperatures are in the low 80s and sometimes drop into the high 70s.

For the first time since I arrived, I actually turned off my air conditioner last night while I was sleeping. I turned it on again this morning as it started to heat up outside, but being able to sleep without the AC on is nice. I think if there was a good way to circulate the air in the room, I probably wouldn't even need the AC all that much anymore.

Other than during the early afternoon, for the most part it is very comfortable even when the sun is still out. Let's hope the weather continues in this direction and the rainy season holds off as long as possible!
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