01 October 2006

4D Ultrasound Update

Yesterday I went to Altoona to a place called Glimpses,
and got to see our baby’s face for the first time. It was so
exciting getting to see her. They confirmed 100% that yes
she is a girl, which is really good because I have so much
pink stuff here waiting for a baby!

In some of the pictures I have posted here you can see
that she has a cute little button nose and chubby little
baby cheeks. They showed us that Chloe has no hair
what so ever (just like her daddy) and that she loves to
suck on her hands. She appeared to be very happy and
content with her life in the womb. As you can see in
one of the photos she is smiling. In the other two
4D photos she is sucking her thumb. And in the black
and white 3D it looks like to me that she is smiling and
having a good wave to the cameras. What a HAM!

- the1stlady98 -
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