20 October 2006

60 Minutes: Duke rape case, part 3 of 6

(CBS) She says she then walked out of the house, went to her car and left "Precious" alone inside the house for about five to 10 minutes – the first of two times Roberts says the dancers had been separated all night. Could a rape have occurred during that time? If so, Roberts says she saw no sign of it when "Precious" joined her in her car.

"At that point, did she give you any reason to believe that she had been assaulted in any way?" Bradley asks.

"No," Roberts replies.

"Did she at any point that night say anything about being in pain or of having been hurt in any way?" Bradley asks.

"She wasn't – she obviously wasn't hurt or, 'cause she was fine. She wouldn't have went back in the house if she was hurt. She's was fine," Roberts says.

"And, according to the statement that you made to the police, she told you she wanted to go back inside the house at that point. What did she say?" Bradley asks.

"There's more money to be made," Roberts tells Bradley.

Roberts and "Precious" did in fact go back inside the house. Kim says they were separated for a second time for about five to 10 minutes.

But here is where their stories take a dramatically different turn: "Precious" says in her written statement to police that Roberts, who as you may recall went by the stage name "Nikki," was actually present when "Precious" says she was attacked by three men who called themselves Brett, Adam and Matt. When Bradley asked Roberts about this in the interview, she seemed surprised and confused that "Precious" would make such an assertion.

"In the police statement she describes the rape in this way. 'Three guys – three guys grabbed Nicky,' that's you. 'Brett, Adam, and Matt grabbed me. They separated us at the master bedroom door while we tried to hold on to each other. Brett, Adam, and Matt took me into the bathroom.' Were you holding on to each other? Were you pulled apart? Is that true?" Bradley asks Roberts.

"Nope," she replies.

"Yeah. Her statement continues. 'I heard Nicky on the other side of the door. And when Adam opened the door she rushed in and helped Adam to get me dressed.' so she's saying that you helped one of the rapists," Bradley says.

"She was never undressed as far as I remember. As far as I remember, she was never undressed," Roberts says.

And, Roberts insists, she never assisted anyone in a rape, nor did she ever offer to engage in sexual acts with "Precious" and one of the alleged rapists, which "Precious" alleges in a statement she made that night.

"And in her written statement 'Brett asked Nikki for a threesome with me' and she says you replied, quote, 'We need to stay and make more money,'” Bradley says.

"I just don’t remember that conversation happening ever," Roberts says.

Asked if it could have happened, Roberts says, "No, I did not say those words."

"She goes on to say that when both of you went back in the house, she says, 'They were excited and angry. They were screaming, 'We’re going to f you black bitches,'" Bradley says.

"I just don’t remember it that way at all," Roberts says.

Those are not the only questionable statements "Precious" has made in this case. She has given different accounts about the number of men who raped her, saying at one point that night it was “five guys,” “three men,” and at one point, she said "no one had forced her to have sex.”

A photograph, taken at 12:31 a.m., shows "Precious" standing outside the back door of the house. The team captains told police she was pounding at the door around that time, but they wouldn’t let her in. Seven minutes later, at 12:38 a.m., she was lying face down on the porch, apparently passed out. At 12:41 am, she was being helped to Roberts' car by some of the players and the night appeared to be coming to an end.

At that point, Roberts says "Precious" was "out of it."

Asked if "Precious" was conscious at that point, Roberts says, "I don't know. I'd say she was semi-conscious because she was helping them along in the walking process to get to the car."

As Roberts prepared to drive away with "Precious," she described one ugly final encounter with a lacrosse player who made a rude comment about Roberts' appearance.

Asked how she responded, Roberts says, "I don't know if I can say that on 60 Minutes.

"I called him a little [expletive] white boy," she recalls laughing. "And how he couldn't get it on his own and had to pay for it. So, he was mad. And it ended with him callin' me the n-word. And it echoed, so you heard n….. once, and then you heard, n….., n….., n….. .

Roberts acknowledges that her taunting provoked that remark but tells Bradley, "But when I think about it again, I say he could’ve said black girl. You know what I mean? He could’ve said black girl. He didn’t have to go that route."

A neighbor also told police he overheard a player yelling in Roberts' direction “Thank your grandfather for my cotton shirt.”

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