04 October 2006

Next blog: right here!

The Blogger toolbar has a feature called "Next Blog" which presumably sends you to a pseudo-random blog somewhere else at blogspot.com. Or so I thought. Every once in a while I'd get many, many hits out of the ordinary. Tonight was one such example.

Over the past month or so, I've averaged about 30 visits per day. Today I'm at 99 visits (highest ever for one day), with 69 visits alone in the 45-minute period between 9:46 pm and 10:31 pm. I've seen this sort of behavior a few times before. When I look at the referring URLs for those visits, they're almost all from other blogspot blogs.

So it appears that clicking on "next blog" takes a whole bunch of people to certain blogs for certain periods of time, rather than any sort of random behavior. Certainly an interesting phenomenon that calls for further research.
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