03 October 2006

Weekend sports roundup

For the second year in a row, the Philadelphia Phillies were eliminated from playoff contention on the final weekend of the season. So close! Ryan Howard finished with 58 homeruns and 148 RBIs. Failing to make the playoffs will probably hurt Howard's chances for the MVP, but I think it will be close. We'll see.

I was 9/17 for the week playing College Football Pick'em. For the season I am 61/98 (93rd percentile).

I was 8/14 for the week playing Pro Football Pick'em. For the season I am 36/60 (66th percentile).

In Fantasy Football, the Hyde Park Hangovers are 4-0.

In Survival Football, 3 more teams were eliminated in Week 4; 11 of 25 teams are still in the running, including the Hyde Park Hangovers.

Mark Martin finished 3rd at Kansas and moved from 6th to 3rd in the Chase standings. He was the highest finishing Chase contender.

The Eagles defeated the Packers 31-9 on Monday Night Football.
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