09 October 2006

Weekend sports roundup

I was 10/17 for the week playing College Football Pick'em. For the season I am 71/115 (97th percentile).

I was 13/13 for the week playing Pro Football Pick'em (with the Monday Night Football game still left to play). For the season I am 49/73 (81st percentile).

In Fantasy Football, the Hyde Park Hangovers tied 53-53 going into tonight's Monday Night Football game, but my opponent has two players remaining and I have none. So it appears the Hangovers will move to 4-1.

In Survival Football, I picked the Carolina Panthers who beat the Cleveland Browns. One more team was eliminated this week and only 10 of 25 remain overall.

Mark Martin won the Craftsman Truck Series race at Talledega on Saturday. It was his fifth win of the season having only started 10 races.

Mark Martin finished 8th in the Nextel Cup race at Talledega on Sunday. Mark maintained 3rd place in the standings and now sits just 10 points behind leader Jeff Burton.

The Eagles defeated the Cowboys 38-24 and shut down T.O. who only had 3 catches for 45 yards.
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