30 October 2006

Weekend sports roundup

On Saturday, Penn State beat Purdue 12-0 in a game I recapped here and here.

Both pick'ems are getting tougher as the weeks go on.

I was 8/18 for the week and 96/172 for the season (89th percentile) in College Football Pick'em.

I was 7/13 for the week (with the MNF game still to play) and 69/113 (83rd percentile) in Pro Football Pick'em.

In Fantasy Football, the Hyde Park Hangovers (now 6-2, in second place) opened up a can of whoop ass this weekend and won by a very comfortable 102-37 margin.

I thought the Steelers had turned the corner and would easily defeat the lowly Oakland Raiders this week. I was wrong, and thus eliminated from Survival Football. Another player was also eliminated, leaving only 2 of the original 25. I would have loved to win, but getting to the final four feels pretty good in my first year playing Survival Football.

Mark Martin was wrecked for the second time in three weeks and dropped to 8th in the standings, an almost insurmountable 201 points back from the leader with only three races to go. As Mark and many of his best fans know, it just wasn't ever meant to be...

Finally, the Eagles disappointed once again, losing their third straight game. This was the only of their four losses that wasn't lost on the final play of the game.
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