08 November 2006

House of Representatives

CNN's current tally is 227-195 in favor of the Democrats with 13 races undecided yet (although most of them are reporting 100% of precincts).

Projected Republican losses:

CT-02: Simmons (R) losing by less than 200 votes, recount likely.
PA-08: Fitzpatrick (R) losing by 1,500 votes.

Projected Democratic holds:

GA-08: Marshall (D) winning by less than 2,000 votes.
GA-12: Barrow (D) winning by slightly more than 3,000 votes.
LA-02: Jefferson (D) winning with less than 50%, will win runoff.

Projected Republican holds:

NM-01: Wilson (R) winning by 1,300 votes.
NC-08: Hayes (R) winning by 500 votes.
OH-02: Schmidt (R) winning by 2,300 votes.
OH-15: Price (R) winning by almost 15,000 votes.
PA-06: Gerlach (R) winning by 3,000 votes (definitely a surprise hold for the Republicans).
WY-01: Cubin (R) winning by 800 votes.

Unknown yet:

TX-23: Bonilla leads with 48% but will need a run-off.
WA-08: Reichart (R) winning 51/49 with lots of votes to count.

Almost final tally: It appears the Democrats will pick up about 30 seats total; the Republicans will have at least 200 seats and possibly a handful more. The Democrats had 202 seats and one independent in the 109th Congress. It looks like a mirror reversal.

EDIT: USA Today projects the final tally to be 232 for the Democrats to 203 for the Republicans.
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