09 November 2006

JoePa to miss Temple game

From GoPSUSports.com:
Penn State football coach Joe Paterno summoned the coaching staff to his hospital room this morning to review final plans for the Temple game and then told them he will not coach on Saturday.

After asking the coaching staff if the team was ready, he said, “you guys know what you’re doing, and what we’ve mapped out. I don’t need to be there creating a distraction. Enough on me; let’s get back to football.”

Coach Paterno said he would not resist Dr. Wayne Sebastinelli’s desire that he not coach Saturday because he did not want to jeopardize his recovery, with his condition having improved each day since Sunday’s surgery on his left leg. He told the staff that it was better to make the decision today before it got any closer to game day, when he might be more tempted to talk himself into pushing too far.

Paterno then instructed Tom Bradley to oversee the defense, Galen Hall the offense, and the special teams coaches to run their assigned areas. “If a game decision needs to made beyond that, talk it out and if you can’t agree, Tom will be the tie-breaker, because he has been around the longest,” Paterno said.

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