22 December 2006

On my way home, Day 10

You know you've reached "bored beyond tears" when you begin the familiar stage of "sleep til you're hungry, eat til you're tired." I tried sleeping as much as possible today, which made the day go by faster, but it'll probably hurt tonight when I'm not tired enough to get to sleep.

Three of the guys we're traveling with took the initiative and successfully manifested themselves as "space available" on an earlier flight home and made it as far as customs before being yanked from the flight. Apparently their desire to get home was not well received by the command. The general consensus is that the military will do everything short of building a plane to get you over here (and you'd be surprised, maybe they'd even do that), but no one wants to move a finger to get anyone home any earlier. Even when it could mean being home in time for Christmas.

That was about the extent of the "drama" we've experienced.
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