13 January 2007

I'm still here

I know I haven't posted in almost two weeks, but yes, I'm still here. I've been enjoying the time off with Tracy, the kids, and the baby.

Keep your eyes peeled over at MILblogging.com where the 2006 Milbloggies (milblog awards) will soon be online. You'll be able to vote for the Chronicles of Narmya in (hopefully) a couple of categories. You can be sure that I'll post updates here and make it as easy as possible for you to vote (for me, of course)!

Eventually (once the awards are over) I'll probably change the name of the blog back to the simple MikeBlog. While I did enjoy the name change (again, credit goes to Tracy), I'm back stateside now and it only makes sense. Also, the location change reflects a bigger shift in my posts from Iraq-centric (and even then it was pretty weak) to American-centric, usually involving politics, news, sports, etc. The biggest reason for the focus on Iraq was to give my readers a sense of what it's like to be on the ground. I think (and hope) I did a decent job of that, given the various (and unfortunately, increasingly) stringent restrictions placed upon military bloggers. When the people at the star level not only realize what blogs are, but figure out the entire concept of user-provided content and how it is changing the Internet, only then will we make progress on that level. Ok, enough rant for the day.

I am planning on going back to work on Tuesday (Monday is MLK Day) so I expect to start blogging a little more frequently then. Have a great weekend and don't forget the Eagles game tonight at 8pm (against New Orleans) and "24" starts with a 2 hour season premeire tomorrow night!
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