17 April 2008

Virginia Tech goes political

It was unfortunate but inevitable that yesterday, on the one year anniversary of the Virginia Tech shootings, the anti-gun agenda would once again rise up in the form of demonstrations and "lie-ins":
“The right to bear arms was given to us by our forefathers more than 200 years ago,” said Russ Ryan, who participated in the lie-in. “And like some of these other laws that have changed, we need to take a look at gun control.”
So Mr. Ryan just wants to "change" the 2nd Amendment. The article goes on to say:
Authorities have said Seung-Hui Cho, the student responsible for the Virginia Tech shootings, had a history of mental illness, which under federal law should have prevented him from buying firearms.
Now, isn't that interesting. A law that should have prevented this tragedy is already on the books. So rather than enforcing the existing law, people just claim to want more gun control.

I wonder what Mr. Ryan would say if I wanted to "change" his 1st Amendment rights.
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