02 August 2009

DEFCON17 observations

A few initial thoughts:

1. The Riviera is bursting at the seams to handle DEFCON. In particular, the ballroom/main speaking area is not sufficient to handle the crowds. It's not the goons' fault, it is a matter of layout and design. Clearing and filling rooms through the same bottleneck is a recipe for epic fail. My initial thoughts are to stagger talk times. Separate doors for entry and exit. Sure, you might miss part of a talk, but that's already happening. 00/+30, +15/+45, whatever it takes to make it work.

2. DEFCON is just too big to do all the things I want to do (Thank you very much, Captain Obvious!). In all seriousness, there are too many people I want to see and things I want to do just not enough time to do them all. I didn't even make it past the registration desk until Sunday! I hope Shmoocon stays small enough to be cozy.

3. Peppermill for the breakfast win.

4. They apparently ran out of speaker badges. Considering you know ahead of time how many speakers there are, how did this happen? I sure hope it was just some sort of mixup.

More to come...
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