21 December 2009

The Dad's Guide to Modern Warfare 2: Introduction

This is the first in what I hope will be a series of strategy guides for players of
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (herein referred to as MW2). I call it the "Dad's Guide" because I am looking to appeal to casual players such as myself who do not play the game 24/7 (like many younger than us!) but still want to be competitive when we do play.

I do not claim any special qualifications to write this guide other than I fit the type of player I'm trying to reach; but I do think I'm a pretty decent MW2 player:
  • I am currently Level 56 (Brigadier General 2). I have not prestiged and I don't plan to!
  • My score rank is somewhere in excess of 2.3 million; yes, that many people have a higher score than me. Yes, most of them play a lot more than me. And yes, there are a lot of people below me!
  • I have just over 2 days of actual gameplay (~50 hours). Again, this number is fairly consistent with score rank.
  • After playing the game for a couple of weeks with no real aim, my kill to death ratio (KDR) was 0.85 (i.e., I was killing 85 people for every 100 of my own deaths). Nothing to call home about! Since implementing this strategy, I've brought my overall KDR to what I think is a pretty darn respectable 1.06 (as of last night). Over the course of this strategy, it's closer to 1.50!
Many of the friends that I play with are married and have kids, and we just don't have the opportunity to play as much as we would like to (although my wife is particularly gracious in this regard). As for myself, I try to block out some time on the weekends, and try to play a few times during the week, but sometimes I will go 2-3-4 days without playing.

I suspect there won't be much in these posts which would be unfamiliar to the hardcore gamer, but again, that's not the audience that I'm seeking. Also, these strategies are based upon a particular style of gameplay that I enjoy, but others may not. So your mileage may vary.

In each post I will try to concentrate on one particular theme and talk a little bit about how that theme can influence your gameplay. Not only will I talk about how these themes apply in general, but I will also try to relate them to particular maps. But even then, sometimes there are exceptions to these rules and I will point out when I think these exceptions apply. I should also point out that these strategies are generally geared toward the Team Deathmatch mode of play; I may make some specific recommendations later on about other modes but we'll stick with Team Deathmatch for now. When I do make references to other modes I'll explicitly mention them.

A few important notes:
  • This guide is based upon the Xbox 360 version of the game. Much of this probably applies to other versions, but I don't know the individual differences.
  • Despite this being a guide for the casual player, I'll assume you have at least a basic knowledge of the game. When I think explanation of the basics is necessary, I'll provide it.
  • As I previously stated, this strategy guide is based upon a style of gameplay, and there are certainly differences of opinion over what's best. So this is all part of encouraging discussion.
  • Your feedback is appreciated!
The first post (coming soon) will be about communication.
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