23 March 2010

Template for how to write a Bruce Schneier blog post

Catchy one-liner ("interesting," with link):
In this part of the blog post, Bruce quotes something from the article he links to in the catchy phrase. It might be the abstract to an academic article, or the key points in a subject he's trying to get across. To get the post looking right, you have to include at least a decent sized paragraph from the quoted source or otherwise it just looks like crap. So I will continue typing another sentence or two, until I have enough text to make this look like a legitimately quoted paragraph. See, now that wasn't so hard after all.
He might offer a short comment about the article here.

Finally, he will let you know that he wrote about the exact same subject link to previous Schneier article on the exact same topic and link to another previous Schneier article on the exact same topic.


EDITED TO ADD (3/26): Wow. Schneierized! I am on track for more hits today than any previous *month*. Not sure if that's a good reflection of Bruce's influence, or a poor reflection of my limited audience. :-)
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