31 March 2010

Uh, what?!

A very good friend of mine from high school (who is on the completely opposite side of the political spectrum) was looking at my LinkedIn profile and was astonished (tounge in cheek, I hope) to see that:

Ha! Of course I knew what it meant (and I assume he did too), but it did look a little weird.

He sent me the following email:

Subject: Did I Just Read That?

"Michael Schearer recommends Socialism" - taken from LinkedIn

This is not only the quote of the day, but perhaps the decade. I'm glad to see the leadership that our president demonstrated in passing landmark healthcare reform finally helped you to realize the responsibility we all share in making our world a safe, healthly, and prosperous place to live for all.
My response, of course, was two-fold: (1) to refer him to my previous post on health care insurance premiums; and (2) to recommend to him the fascinating Socialism by none other than Ludwig von Mises (of course, the source of the image above from my LinkedIn Reading List!).
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