11 June 2010

Hollywood Unoriginality: Introduction and Week 1

It seems to me that most new movies are unoriginal: remakes, sequels, or something (TV, comic book, video-game) to movie. In that last category, TV-to-movie is the least original; while at least books and comic books are taking the plot to a new medium. So a little bit of slack there. Anyways, let's take last week's Top 10 and see how it turns out:

1. Shrek Forever After (sequel)
2. Get Him to the Greek (spin-off)
3. Killers
4. Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (video game)
5. Sex and the City 2 (sequel)
6. Marmaduke (comics)
7. Iron Man 2 (comics, sequel)
8. Splice
9. Robin Hood (remake)
10. Letters to Juliet

So, six of the top ten are, more or less, unoriginal. That's not to say that they can't be any good or successful, because many such remakes are ultimately successful (even more so than their originals); but the originality is ultimately lacking.

My 30% originality rating is incredibly crude, and will continue to be so, since many films will stay in the top ten and be counted multiple times. But I'm not looking for statistical perfection here, rather I just hope to confirm what I already believe to be true, that Hollywood doesn't have many good ideas anymore.

The week's wide releases are The A-Team (TV) and The Karate Kid (remake), so don't expect to see much change in next week's originality ratings. :-)
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