27 September 2010

Political ads of slots opponents in Anne Arundel County are dishonest

Take a look at this political ad ("Citizen 3") opposing the slots location near Arundel Mills mall:

Here's the quote from the first woman: "A stand-alone venue would be a much better fit."  Well isn't that amazing, because the proposed Cordish slots location is a stand-alone venue; it is not connected to the mall.  Not only is this quote inaccurate, but it implies that the slots location is part of the mall.

The remainder of the quotes reinforce the same thing: "It doesn't make sense; it needs to be in a location by itself."

"Slots and a family-friendly mall do not go together."

"They just don't belong in the mall."

"I don't think it's a good idea to have slot machines there (the mall)."

On a side note: Is anyone really willing to argue that there is really anything family-friendly about Arundel Mills mall?

The next video ("Citizen 1"):

"I have no problem with gambling and slots being in Anne Arundel County, they just don't belong in the mall."

And finally, the same rhetoric in the third video ("Citizen 2"):

"I want a place for my child to be able to go to play safely."  Seriously?!  The mall itself (especially during the holidays) isn't even safe!

"I would not take my children to the mall if there is a slots parlor there."

All three of these ads use quotes that either directly say, or imply, that the slots are in the mall, or part of the mall.  This is simply not true; the Cordish plans have been public for a long time and it is clear that the plans call for a separate facility.  Sure, it's in the same area as the mall, but saying the slots are in the mall is as dishonest as those who refuse to make the distinction that the "mosque" is "at ground zero" rather than two blocks away (see for example that I made this distinction in my comments about that issue).  Does anyone really believe that they won't be able to take their children to a mall when a slots casino is a quarter of a mile away across the parking lot?  Really.
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