11 October 2010

Family of son killed in wreck still waiting for answers

Update: The video version of this story is posted here.

From ABC2News:
19 year old Andrew McCoy's parents say he lived for the day, but on the night of October third he would lose his life.
The car he was riding in was in a head on collision at the intersection of West Patapsco and Potee Streets in South Baltimore. 
McCoy, a passenger was thrown from the car and killed.
"He was beautiful, he was a beautiful person. He was always happy and it made every one around him happy and he was loved, by a lot of people," said mother Tracy Schearer.
Loved not just by his family, but friends. 
McCoy was an avid skateboarder and at a skateboard park near his Glen Burnie home, a message of RIP is spray painted directly in the middle. 
A life of just 19 years, McCoy touched many. Not deserving his parents say of an accident investigation that took nearly a week before they would learn even basic details.
"We've been told that it would take at least several weeks to do the entire investigation and we certainly understand that, but having almost no details for nearly a week was very frustrating for us not to be able to know anything," said his father Michael Schearer.
It was several days before the Schearers would even learn an off duty Annapolis police officer was driving the other car. 
They also have yet to receive their son's personal effects like his wallet or cell phone. 
A delay Baltimore Police regret.
"It was simply a perfect storm of miscommunication and again, there was no malice toward the family or any attempt to cover anything up or hide anything," said spokesperson Anthony Guglielmi.
At the time city police were dealing with a traffic fatality of one of their own, Officer James Fowler and asked MTA Police to handle McCoy's accident. 
The investigation has since been turned back over to city police. 
A transfer authorities say caused the delay in even some of the most basic facts surrounding McCoy's death. 
"The only thing we saw in the news was just that he was an unidentified passenger. We didn't want his memory to be as an unidentified passenger. We wanted people to know there was a human being behind that label," said Schearer.
A human being with a family patiently waiting to find out just how their son died and who if anyone is at fault.
City police say it will take a few weeks to complete their investigation into exactly what happened that night. 
The Annapolis police officer has been placed on desk duty until the report is written.
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