03 October 2010

Geography of The Wire, Season 2

One of the primary locations during Season 2 of the The Wire was Little Johnny's, a small restaurant and carry-out place on S. Clinton Street.  It was the hangout for "The Greek" and his second-in-command, Spiros Vondas.  Little Johnny's is still there, but it is closed and boarded up.  It's location, according to Google Maps, is in the area of 1905 S. Clinton Street.
I also went in search of the warehouse location where the Major Crimes Unit was stationed.  I was looking for something bigger, but I finally found it a hundred or so yards east of the extreme south end of Clinton Street.  Interestingly, it's only perhaps a half of a mile (or less) from Little Johnny's.  Here is a screenshot of the building from S2E07 (51:56):

And here's the picture I took:
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