21 October 2010

No Slots at the Mall continues deceptive phone calls

Yesterday, my wife received a phone call from the folks behind the "No Slots at the Mall" campaign. The caller wanted to know if my wife was for or against slots at the mall, considering that the casino and the mall were to be "connected."

Tracy, having followed the slots debate as nearly as closely as me, commented to the caller that it wasn't a valid question, since the most recently plans show that the facilities will not be connected. The caller then stated that a certain legislator (the name of which she didn't get, unfortunately) had confirmed that indeed, the casino and the mall were to be connected. Sensing that he was going nowhere arguing with my wife, he soon hung up.

The "connected" claim by No Slots at the Mall is relying upon an old and early proposal that detailed a covered walkway between the mall and the casino. Cordish has since released new plans that do not include this covered walkway, and sweeps away any claims of the buildings being connected. Furthermore, billboard-size advertisements at the mall (outside the food court and in the general vicinity of the casino's proposed location) do not show any such covered walkway.

The slots are not in the mall, as some of their advertisements have claimed, so now they're falling back to the connected claim, which isn't even true itself. In all sincerity, even if there was a covered walkway, who cares? Kids eating at the food court will not cringe as seedy gamblers pull the handles on slot machines. Even if a covered walkway were to be build, this will not make the mall any less "family-friendly."
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