09 October 2010

No Slots at the Mall deceptive phone campaign

I wanted to repost this phone conversation in full from John Frenaye with Eye on Annapolis:

I just received a call from Slots At The Mall. The woman, with a heavy southern accent identified herself as “Virginia” and asked if I would support a “No Vote” on Question A. She went through a standard pitch about how a “No Vote” will create jobs, keep slots out of the mall and make jobs for “hundreds” of firefighters and police.
While I had a real live person on the phone, I figured I would ask some questions.
JF: I am not too familiar with the issue but was going to study up on it. So they are actually going to put slots in the mall with all the stores?
VIRGINIA: Yes, sir.
JF: Where are they going to put them. I did not think the mall had too much more room to expand?
VIRGINIA: I don't really know, but I guess there’s some empty stores that they are going to fill.
JF: So, voting no just takes the slots out of the mall and will have them built at the racetrack in Laurel?
VIRGINIA: Yes, sir. A “No Vote” will put the slots at a more appropriate place like the Laurel Racetrack.
JF: Wow, I need to read up on this I had heard that a “No Vote” would kill slots entirely and I certainly did not realize that they were filling empty space it the mall with slot machines.
VIRGINIA: Yes sir, that it right. And you can find out more information by visiting the website www.noslotsatthemall.com.
JF: Well, thanks for your time, I will have to look into this.
VIRGINIA: Well thank you sir. Do you plan to vote by mail?
JF: I am probably going to vote absentee.
VIRGINIA: Well thank you. This call has been paid for by No Slots At The Mall.
For those of you who oppose slots, please, try to defend this.  You're using out-of-state telemarketers who don't even know the local issues, and who are willing to flat-out lie for the cause.  Shameful, again and again.  You should publicly renounce these tactics.
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