04 November 2010

More driving-in-the-rain rant

As an update to my rant here about driving in the rain and dark with your hazard lights on (it's a bad idea):  If it's raining (even during the day), put your friggin' head lights on.  Not only is it the law, but you're just stupid if you don't.  If you're thinking, "I can see just fine!" then you haven't learned a very important lesson that my father taught my many years ago (even before I could drive) about your lights on during the daytime: your head lights are less about you seeing the road and more about other people seeing you.

In was a steady rain on the drive home today, yet a small but noticeable proportion of the oncoming drivers had no headlights on.  The same for the drivers in my rear view mirror.  It's dangerous and against the law.

Parking lights on? Not good enough.  Daytime running lights on? Not good enough.  You need your normal headlights on, so that your (dim) break lights are on, so that drivers behind you can see you.  I ran up behind a gray car without any rear lights on quicker than I expected because I didn't see the car.  And when I passed the car, the driver had daytime running lights on, probably feeling confident about being safe.  He wasn't.
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