14 November 2010

Scaling back my crime tracking efforts

Rather than attempt to continue to document the nearly-impossible task of tracking the violent crime in and around the Baltimore region, my readers will probably be happy to see me scale back this effort to focus mostly on Anne Arundel County.  If there are serious crimes of note outside of the county I may mention them, but tracking violent crime on a day-to-day basis, especially in Baltimore City, is a tedious task.

Instead I have linked to the Baltimore Crime blog, which does a much better job of what I was trying to do, anyway.  You can find my list of linked blogs on the along the right side of the blog.

Lastly, instead of trying to generate my own (redundant) content where others have already done so, I'll simply try to provide links to others who have come up with interesting research.  Here is an example from Cham's Adventures and More that documents the locations of bodies found in Baltimore's Leakin Park since 1946.
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