06 January 2012

The TSA Not Top Ten Catches of 2011

In response to the TSA Top 10 Good Catches of 2011, I present to you, the Not Top Ten Catches (or Misses) of 2011 (in no particular order):

1. A cupcake (velvet icing!)
2. A purse with an embroidered gun on it
3. Box cutters (oops, they missed them)
4. A loaded handgun (oops, they missed it!)
5. Another loaded handgun (yeah, they missed that one, too)
6. A 14-inch sword (oops, they missed that, too)
7. C4 (oops, they missed it)! Seriously. This guy was eventually caught, but not after he had already flown with it at least once
8. "An oddly placed iPod and a bag of candy" (highly dangerous)
9. Your bag (as in, actually searching it)
10. Catching a "fake" bomb during a terror drill, and failing to tell the police!

Now, don't you feel safer?
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