25 April 2013

Home Depot Math

We're planning on replacing a section of fence on one side of our yard. It's 60 feet long, plus a small bit of fence and a gate at the end (12 feet). It is, by my estimation, a rather easy install. We went to Home Depot to get an estimate. They didn't give us a breakdown by product, just an overall estimate. So here's what I calculated by the basic products:

WeatherShield 6 ft. x 8 ft. #1 Pressure Treated SPF 4 in. Molded Stockade Fence Panel. $39.97 each (x8) = $319.76.

The fence posts are $8.47 each (x10) = 84.70.

Gate: there are a number of different products, but the standard gate is about $75. I'm adding in another $75 for gate hardware and fencing associated with the gate = $150.

Labor and materials (I'm being generous and  assuming that "materials" only means cement for the posts, but they don't say what this means): "As low as $20" per linear foot = $1,440+.

My estimate = 1,994.46. I had initially figured $1,500-$2,000 so this is within the range I expected.

Home Depot's estimate?

$3,387. Again, with no breakdown by product--so it's impossible to know where they calculated they additional $1,400.

It seems that (for whatever reason) we don't qualify for "as low as $20" per linear foot labor + materials.

No thanks.
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