24 May 2013

American Bar Association Citizen Amicus Project results

Back in December, before I had even taken a day of Criminal Procedure, I submitted an essay to the American Bar Association's Citizen Amicus Project:
The 2012-2013 Project focuses on the Fourth Amendment issues raised by law enforcement's warrantless use of trained narcotics dogs to detect narcotics from the outside of a home.  
This term the Supreme Court will hear Florida v. Jardines, a case that questions whether law enforcement's use of narcotic detection dogs in front of a home, without a warrant, violates the homeowner's Fourth Amendment right to be free from unreasonable searches.  The Supreme Court will review one question in the case: 
Whether a dog sniff at the front door of a suspected grow house by a trained narcotics detection dog is a Fourth Amendment search requiring probable cause?
I posted my submission here.

The Supreme Court's opinion is here.

I just found out I received the runner-up award! Pretty good for a part-time 1L don't you think? :-)
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