31 July 2013

Farewell UDC

Today is my last day of class at UDC; and tonight are our final oral arguments for Moot Court.*

There are a lot of things I will not miss about UDC--I briefly mentioned a few them in my previous post about why I decided to transfer. On the other hand, I will certainly miss my classmates, many of whom I became good friends with over the last year (some of them decided to transfer to other schools, too). Evening students are typically older than recent undergrads and typically have some real-life work experience and most often a current, full-time job. In some ways, these shared attributes help to bond evening students together in a different way than day students might. There is often more talk about jobs and family and less talk about academics.

To those of you whom I became good friends with over the last year, I will miss hanging out with you; I might even miss (just a little) our shared complaints about certain professors or certain classes. Please, keep in touch. I won't be too far away.

* On a side note, I hope to be able to record tonight's oral arguments for later playback and mockery. One of my practice arguments was posted here; thankfully, my second practice argument (where we argued the opposite side) was not recorded. It. Was. A. Disaster. :-)
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