27 August 2013

Is the UDC exodus worse than expected?

Last month, I posted the reasons that I decided to transfer from UDC to Maryland. I speculated that the exodus from UDC would be noteworthy:
Other students choose to move on. I know of at least a half dozen students in the same boat as myself who have decided to transfer. I suspect the actual number is considerably higher. We had an incoming class of about 70 students last August. With those that are transferring and those that dropped out along the way, I will be very interested to see how many of those 70 students return next month. I wouldn't surprised to see 25% or even more who fail to return.
A good friend of mine who is still at UDC indicated that about 28 students from our original group of 70 were in class last night. Now it's certainly possible that not all returning evening students were in Monday night's class; although it is the model schedule so you'd expect most of them to be. Even so, it appears that something like 50% of the class has disappeared in barely a year. It's also worth mentioning that last year's evening class appears to have been unusually large as compared to the prior year's class.

Maryland and American appear to be the biggest beneficiaries of UDC transfer students. And of the 15 J.D. transfer students at Maryland, four (including me) came from UDC (two day students and two night students) and six transferred from the University of Baltimore.

Lastly, I know of at least one additional student who will likely transfer after the fall semester. I wouldn't be surprised if he/she isn't the only one.

Pretty sobering.
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