31 August 2013

"Welcome to Baltimore!"

I was sitting in class last week when a phone in the classroom starting ringing. I thought it was someone's cell phone, but apparently it was a classroom phone in a closet (?). At the same time, another phone started ringing over the room's speaker system. Then a crime alert email was sent out. This is what happened:
On August 28, 2013, at approximately 2:20 pm two males were involved in an altercation at Baltimore and Paca Streets.  As a result of the fight, one male was cut on the hand.  All parties left the area.  The victim went to the University of Maryland Hospital to seek treatment.  Both parties involved know each other.  This is an isolated incident and not campus related.  The University of Maryland, Baltimore Campus Police are assisting the Baltimore Police in reference to this incident.
As you may know the law school is on the northwest corner of Baltimore and Paca Streets. Our professor deadpanned: "Welcome to Baltimore!" Indeed, some students must be new to Maryland and Baltimore specifically because they appeared to express surprise at crime...in Baltimore.

Welcome to Baltimore, indeed.
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