04 October 2013

By request: my top ten TV shows of all time

In discussing the Breaking Bad finale, I indicated that I had long since put the show in my "top ten" list of favorite TV shows. My friend Dave Lapinsky indicated he would be interested in knowing my top ten. So here they are, with some important caveats. I know there are many other shows that could conceivably belong on this list. For example, Seinfeld and The Sopranos are generally highly regarded TV shows; but I never watched either of them with any regularity. I simply haven't watched everything out there. So when I say my top ten TV shows of all time, it really means my top ten TV shows that I've actually watched most or all of the series. Also, this list is fluid and subject to future edits due to new shows, watching older shows, or simply forgetting.

My top ten TV shows of all time (in alphabetical order)
Breaking Bad
Burn Notice
Hogan's Heroes
Homicide: Life on the Street
Law & Order
Quantum Leap
Sons of Anarchy
The Wire

Honorable mentions
All in the Family
Family Ties
Firefly (more than one season and a movie would have helped!)
Jericho (more than 1 1/2 seasons would have helped! Nuts!)
Magnum PI
Person of Interest
The Simpsons
Star Trek: The Next Generation
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