12 October 2013

I was adopted and never knew my birth parents. PLEASE share so that I might have an opportunity to find them!

If you know of anyone in the media who might be able to publicize this story, please let me know.

This photo is linked to my Facebook post. If you haven't already, please share it. Thank you!

Here are a few other resources that might be useful:

I was most likely born in Reading Hospital.

Several people have made me aware of 23andMe and I will be taking advantage of that soon.

My birth mother may have worn glasses and spent a year in business school. She was probably about 20 years old around the time I was born. I have been told her last name was Knapp.

My birth father was probably around 19 years old around the time I was born and may have been a sophomore at Lehigh University. I have no idea if he graduated or not, but if he did, he might be in these yearbooks:

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