24 December 2013

Disney's Windows application crashes, exposes data?

While on-board our Disney cruise, we visited an area of the ship where Disney provides kiosks or large touchscreen monitors that display photographs that have been taken of you (or your party). To access the photographs, you swipe your "Key to the World" card. Except when the "PhotoFinder" program crashes (see first image below). And when the card reader program exposes folio numbers (see second image below).

I have no idea if or how the "folio numbers" relate to individual customers or their "Key to the World" cards. I don't know if this data could lead to exposure of customer data, because, although I am curious, I wanted to enjoy my cruise and didn't investigate further. But it does demonstrate that data leaks can happen when programs crash.

One other thing: the touchscreen displays appear to be covered at the bottom by an inch or so--presumably so that your fingers don't activate the "Start" menu. But this is just a guess (and, it doesn't work!).

Oh, and in case you're wondering: I re-started PhotoFinder. :-)

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