04 April 2017

Who I am: Filling out the family tree

This is one in a series of posts on the search for my biological family.

It's been a little while since I posted about my genealogical search, but not for want of activity. In fact, considering how slow my search had been over the years, we've been moving at warp speed the last month or so, even if it's still slower than I want.

First things first: with the help of an investigator (and especially with the help of many of you, who generously supported my effort financially), about a month ago, I was able to identify and locate my birth mother. Once I identified her, it was just a matter of time to start branching out my maternal ancestors. I'm sure I'll be able to fill you in on more details in the future, but it's been a pretty fascinating search thus far. In a couple of cases, I have ancestors that arrived in North America as early as the mid-1600s as part of the Great Migration. I also have direct ancestors that participated in the Revolutionary War (time to start working on the SAR application...), frontier pioneers, and abolitionists that supported the Underground Railroad. So far, I'm just scratching the surface. There is much more research to be done.

It's also worth nothing that the search for direct ancestors has also provided some very practical information: my grandfather, and his father, both died of heart attacks. So while the "trivia" of genealogy is very cool, the information is very useful from a health and genetics standpoint.

Second, with the help of my birth mother (who I have started to communicate with), she has helped me to identify my birth father. I'm just beginning to reach out to him, and my research efforts on my paternal side have just begun within the last few days. So I don't really know much beyond some specific details about my birth father (if you want to help with this research effort, especially if you have resources beyond the usual free sources, drop me a line). But hopefully he will respond to my search and we'll see how it goes from there.

So far, so good...
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