23 December 2004

OS part I

My first project is one that I have been working on for the last three days or so. My goal is to find, install, and use at least one (and perhaps more) alternative operating systems for my computer.

I chose to use my laptop for this project because most of the data is already backed up on my desktop. My laptop is a Dell Inspiron 4100 with an Intel Celeron 1066 MHZ processor and 256 MB of RAM. The HD is approximately 30 gigs, of which almost 20 gigs are in use. The operating system is Windows XP which was installed as the default OS.

Let me backtrack a bit now and let you understand a little bit of the motivation for this project. A while back I started getting interested in alternatives to the Microsoft "defaults." I don't have any problem with Microsoft I just know there are good alternatives out there and I wanted to see what they were. It started primarily with my switch from Internet Explorer to Mozilla Firefox: faster loading, tabbed browsing, blocked popups, better security. It took a little getting used to, but I won't go back to IE now. Firefox also has the added advantage of being open source, so there are tons of add-ons and other cool stuff. I also replaced Microsoft Outlook with Mozilla Thunderbird.

Alright so nothing too extraordinary there. Many, many people are making the same switch for probably the same reasons.

Anyways, at the same time my friend Brien has been using Linux for quite some time now. I am not well versed in any other operating systems so I've mostly just been observing.

Well that curiosity bug bit again so I figured what the heck. Why not try something?
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