18 August 2006

4D Ultrasound Update

With school starting in less than two weeks it is kind of hard to get an appointment that will not disrupt the kids' classes. The reason being is that Glimpses is in Altoona. Nobody in State College offers 4D Ultrasounds. So I have to travel the almost 40 miles to have it done. So I have to do this on a Saturday and those days are very hard to get. September 30th is the closest day I could get. I am very excited about having this done. I can not wait to see what our little girl will look like or who she will look like. I am betting on my blonde hair and her daddy's blue eyes. We also want to make 100% sure she is a girl and not have a surprise appear! I am allowed up to 5 guests to watch while they do a 30 minute scan. I will for sure be taking our other two children so they can experience the event also. The package I asked for includes the following:
3D/4D Scan (20 - 30 minute scan)
Recorded on VHS Tape
Gender Determination, if desired
4 black & white thermal photos
I am going to have them also transfer the VHS Scan to DVD for me so I can send it to Mike in Iraq. Let us hope she smiles for the cameras!
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