12 August 2006


Tracy sent me the pilot of a new series on USA Network called Pysch. Here's the background: a boy develops a talent (or perhaps, is forced by his domineering father/cop to develop this talent) for memorizing everything he sees, including very small details.

In the first few minutes, while they are sitting in a diner, the boy (Shawn Spencer) asks his dad if he can have a piece of fudge cake. His dad insists that he close his eyes and then spout of random details about the diner: what letter in the "exit" sign is out, the color of the vinyl seats, the manager's name, the number of hats in the place. Of course, he is 100% correct on all counts and earns the piece of fudge cake.

Fast forward from 1986 to 2006, when the Shawn is now a grown man and appears to have retained this talent. He routinely phones in tips to the cops based upon watching the news. The cops believe he must have had a role in these crimes because his information is so good. He's brought in, presumably for some sort of commendation, but becomes the suspect in a crime because of his tip.

In a comedic effort to escape being arrested, Shawn announces he is a pyschic. And thus the premise for the show: Shawn morphs his talent at memorizing small details into being a pyschic for hire. Of course, there must be a sidekick, so he drags his pal Gus into the deal (a tactic he has apparently used on Gus on many previous adventures).

The show is primarily a detective-type deal, with a little bit of CSI for all the little detail-oriented scenes, some comedy thrown added, and all in all, makes a pretty entertaining show. I will definitely look forward to getting more episodes!
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