12 August 2006

Saturday Night Fights, Week 4 (and more!)

The card only had four bouts tonight, and only one of the four went to the judges (which was a unanimous decision). The boxing was especially sloppy tonight, but then again, these guys are doing this for fun, and no one expects professional boxing. Still, another fun night!

The short night for boxing ended up being a good thing. At the conclusion of the matches the momentum shifted to the outdoor pavilion where the "Bulgarian Army Ensemble", a group of singers, entertained the crowd. I can't say I recognized any of the songs, but the Bulgarian soldiers were especially enthusiastic. The music was...different. Not bad, just not something I have been exposed to before. One of the songs had an Arabic feel to it, which seemed out of place for a Bulgarian group, but right at home here in the desert. And a quick Google search proved me right: the song was called "Last Kiss" which, not surprisingly, has some Arabic lyrics.
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