28 December 2006

Best buys

Most worthwhile purchases for my recent deployment (in no particular order):

1. Bright, lime green fluoresecent Samsonite luggage straps. Good luck finding your three or four bags among a sea of similar bags. These luggage straps made it a piece of cake to quickly locate my bags when there were hundreds to search through. A name tag just doesn't do justice if you have to read each name tag.

2. Under Armour boxer briefs. The Under Armour shirts are nice and comfortable, but the boxer briefs are worth every penny. Amazingly comfortable in the heat and cold for long periods of time. I still wear them every day.

3. Thorlo socks. I didn't have sore feet or a blister in 9 months. My feet never hurt. Thorlo socks are expensive, but also worth every penny. I still wear these every day, too. There are several different varieties, but I found the Thorlo PT socks to work just fine for everyday wear.

4. Play Station Portable (PSP). A great way to pass the time during long periods of waiting around, and there are plenty of such times.

5. Rigger's Belt. The Army-issued nylon belt is crap. The Rigger's Belt from SpecOps is much better, and it's no wonder many people purchase this for themselves.

6. Recon Wrap. A very simple but great piece of gear. I wore it underneath my helmet as a sweat absorber.
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