26 December 2006

Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football Champion!

Over the years, I've played in a number of Fantasy Football leagues. Some ended up well, some didn't. I have never had much luck in the Yahoo! Sports leagues, until this year. With the final results in from yesterday's Monday games, I defeated my opponent 53-42 in the championship game. I have been crowned the Yahoo! Sports Fantasy Football Champion in Public League 613014!

I finished the regular season with a 10-3-1 record and locked up the #1 seed in the playoffs with a week remaining (the second seed finished the regular season 8-5-1). Last week, I won 87-64 in the round of 4 to win the semi-final and advance to this week's championship game.

Many people don't understand fantasy sports, but for those of us who play regularly, it is a proud moment to be recognized as the League Champion. It is as close as most people will ever be to be a "coach" or "general manager". There are no money prizes here but only the bragging rights to be taken into next year's "champion's league".
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