31 December 2007

Fantasy Finale (almost)

Yahoo Sports Fantasy Football

Penn State NROTC: 6th place of 6 teams (ouch!).
Yahoo Public 512047: 6th place of 10 teams (not much better!).

Overall, a disappointing season for me, especially after winning my Yahoo league in 2006.

Yahoo Sports Football Pick'em

College Football Pick'em: 106 of 251 (69th percentile; 54th percentile last year).
Pro Football Pick'em: 177 of 256 (99th percentile; #10 overall among Fans of Philadelphia; #20 overall among Fans from Pennsylvania; #308 overall in the entire country; 80th percentile last year).
College Football Bowl Pick'em: still in progress (15 of 19 so far; 98th percentile).

I missed two weeks in College Pick'em, which hurt; although I still did better then last year. I did best in Pro Pick'em, as you can see from the stats above.

Yahoo Sports Survival Football

Eliminated in Week 4, but 20 of 25 people had been eliminated by that time. The winner was declared by week 10.

Yahoo Sports Salary Cap Football

Finished in the 62nd percentile (96th percentile last year). I just could never really figure out this game. This year probably shows I was more lucky then good last year!
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