06 March 2008

The new job

Last week I started my new job as a Senior Consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton. Without going into a very long and detailed story, I can't really do the job I was hired for until my security clearance is updated. Until then, I'm in a status called "Awaiting Clearance (AWC)." So I'm spending my days doing Computer-Based Training (CBT), lots of reading, and any other sort of training. The goal here is to prepare myself so that I can hit the ground running when I can actually do "the job."

Moving from military to corporate takes some getting used to. I have worn a uniform to work every day of my life for the past 8+ years. Formal functions didn't require formal clothes, because there were always formal uniforms to wear. The end result is that I did not (ever) have very many clothes that were suitable for the corporate environment.

Over the past few months, with the able assistance of my wife, I've finally been able to start assembling some nice clothes. Furthermore, rather than wearing the same uniform every day, I now have to waste brainpower figuring out just exactly what will I wear today? Ok, I admit it, it doesn't require all that much brainpower, but it's still something I am not yet used to doing. And on that thought, it is going to take a while to get used to wearing a dress shirt and tie to work everyday!
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