15 January 2010

Projected 2010 Phillies Opening Day lineup

The only change in the everyday field will be the replacement of Pedro Feliz with former Phillies' second baseman Placido Polanco. While he hasn't played the majority of his games at third base since 2002, Polanco won two Gold Gloves at second base in the last three years so you wouldn't expect much of a drop-off if any defensively.

At the plate, Polanco has a bit less power than Feliz but hits for contact and hit nearly 20 points higher than Feliz in 2009 with less strikeouts--and that was 18 points below his career batting average of .303.

Polanco is a natural 2 hole hitter, so that means Victorino gets the bump. The Phillies' 3-6 hitters are the best in baseball, and won't change--which means Vic gets bumped all the way to the 7 hole. Something I have no doubt he's not happy about, but so be it.

Here is my projected 2010 Phillies opening day lineup:

SS/Jimmy Rollins
3B/Placido Polanco
2B/Chase Utley
1B/Ryan Howard
RF/Jason Werth
LF/Raul Ibanez
CF/Shane Victorino
C/Carlos Ruiz
P/Roy Halladay
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