20 October 2010

More frustration in trying to recover Andrew's personal effects

One of the things we have been trying to do for two weeks now is recover Andrew's personal effects: his clothes, wallet, cell phone, etc.  We were first told that these items would be held as evidence, and then eventually we were given a claims form to recover the items.

Since we live in Anne Arundel County, we had to head down to the Register of Wills in Annapolis to get paperwork completed there, and then return to the Evidence Control Unit in Baltimore to actually get Andrew's stuff.

Frustratingly enough, the address of the Evidence Control Unit was nowhere on the evidence paperwork, nor was there any such listed phone number on the Police Department's website.  When we called the general purpose phone number, they gave us the number for the Evidence Control Unit.  So we called them at about 12:30PM this afternoon and confirmed that they were located at 601 E. Fayette Street, which is the Police headquarters.

After running a few more errands we drove up into the city, found a place to park (a chore in and of itself) and finally made our way in the front door.  We were promptly told that the Evidence Control Unit was open from Monday through Friday from 9:00AM until 1:30PM, and it was now 1:45PM so we were out of luck.  Really.

This would be fine, except nowhere on the evidence paperwork did they list their times of operation.  No one felt it necessary to let us know that the Evidence Control Unit doesn't follow "normal" business hours.  Nor did the person who answered the phone when we called let us know that they would be closing up shop in an hour.  Lastly, there doesn't appear to be anything related to the Evidence Control Unit on the department's website.  So we were left guessing, and we guessed wrong.

Now, I suppose we should have asked about their hours (and I won't make that mistake again), but a couple hours of our afternoon was now more-or-less wasted, and all we really want is Andrew's things back.  The frustration continues.
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