03 November 2010

ICS-CERT Alert; SHODAN roundup

With the recent ICS-CERT Alert (PDF) going out about SHODAN (and in particular, in regards to SCADA systems), I thought I would collect the links for all or most of my SHODAN-related material since I have a bunch since last year:

My SHODAN-related blog posts are here.

I have also presented a lot about SHODAN over the last year.  Many of these presentations are similar in nature although the newer ones have some updated material.  There's not really any SCADA-specific material here, but in all reality the concepts are all the same if you use SCADA-related search terms.

SHODAN for Penetration Testers (ShmooCon Firetalks)
Pentesting the Web with Firefox: SHODAN
SHODAN for Penetration Testers (QuahogCon)
SHODAN for Penetration Testers (The Next HOPE)
SHODAN for Penetration Testers (DEFCON18)

I've talked with a couple of friends about advancing some of this research so hopefully we have something else coming out in the near future.
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